Little River School


We rely on a willing group of parents who make up the Support Group (an Incorporated Society) to help organise fundraising in order to donate everyday equipment etc. 

The Support Group is a very active group whom we have come to rely on for resources needed to deliver the curriculum, subsidising camp and helping to maintain our behaviour management programme by funding the Cool Card box. 

The Country Pumpkin Festival (usually held around Anzac Day) is our major fundraiser each year. It is a great day and a chance for the whole community to be involved. 

Giant Pumpkin Seeds are now available for sale from 3 outlets, all at the same price:

This Google form to buy from our widest selection of seeds:

The Craft Station (only last year's seeds at this stage)

TradeMe: giant pumpkin seeds

Get them before the bigger heritage seeds run out.

Event date: Sunday 7th April 2024


Facebook: @littleriverpumpkinfestivalnz

Instagram: @little_river_nz

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