Little River School


The Pupils of Little River School benefit in many ways from the goodwill and support of some very generous people and businesses. 

Thank you all for helping our school provide opportunities for us all to shine

This page will be a place where we can let the world know just how our supporters help us Stand Tall. 

* Thank you to all our parents who through their time, thinking and donations enable our teachers and pupils to focus on the fun of learning.

* Thank you to our Little River Support Group. A small group of hard working parents who come up with clever fundraising ideas and do a lot of the hard work, to make things happen for our school.

* Thanks to the Little River Cafe and Store for their support of our Creativity Award. This award is given to pupils who have demonstrated their creativity and the certificate entitles them to a free icecream sponsored by the Little River Cafe and Store. Yum!

* Thanks to our neighbours the Little River Fire Service. This crew often help us out with extra water for our pool, their vintage engine for school fun days, or a pump and hose for the pool party!

* Thanks PGG – we make good use of your tent for our annual pumpkin festival.

* Thanks to Fiona the Faithful Gardener. This is where the pumpkin seedlings come from.

* Thank you to the Bloggs Charitable Trust for supporting the school. No pupil misses out on the camp experience.

* Thank you to the Little River Challenge Garage. I know you fix stuff and lend us stuff without charging. Cheers!

* Thanks to the Little River Craft Station. Your support for our pumpkin festival prizes has been constant. Kia ora koutou.

* Thank you to Kerry and Emily of ScenicSports. We partner with these great ladies to help us on the Rail trail Rampage each Spring. It’s a great fun run along the Rail Trail, suitable for the serious runner or the person just getting back into some fitness. Check it out.

* Thank you to the Ministry of Education. As principal I deal with a wide range of professionals and it’s rare that I have difficulty with anyone in the Ministry. Most often they try their best to support what we’re doing and our aims. Unfortunately it’s often within a system that moves a little slower than we’d like!