Little River School


Little River School is situated just off the Christchurch-Akaroa Highway, approximately 45 minutes drive from Christchurch City. It is a co-educational state, full primary school (Years 1-8). The school roll currently stands at 65 pupils (July 2023).

With Little River School drawing from such a widespread area, many of the children come on one of two bus routes. 

The school attracts its pupils from geographically isolated valleys within a radius of 30 minutes travelling of Little River including Birdling’s Flat, Okuti Valley, Cooptown, Western Valley, Puaha Valley and the Hilltop. Nearly 50% of the children travel daily by school bus. These areas offer small/large farm, lifestyle and township living opportunities in a clean and healthy country environment.

Staff consist of the Principal with 0.3 (one and a half days) teaching responsibility (Thursdays and every second Wednesday) and a principal release teacher 0.7, in Kahikatea (Years 7/8); two teachers job sharing in Tōtara (Years 4/5/6) and two teachers job sharing in Kānuka (Year 1/2/3).

Teacher Aides are employed to help address classroom needs and support the literacy and numeracy programme, as well as Teacher Aides partially funded by the Ministry to work with special needs and high health children. The school also has an office manager 4 days a week.

Parents are involved with assisting in sports, classroom programmes, transporting children, camps, trips and the arts. The school has continued to develop strong links with the community. Maintaining a positive school culture is seen to be very important so that all children will meet with success in a safe, physical and emotional environment.

We rely on a willing group of parents who make up the Support Group (an Incorporated Society) to help organise fundraising in order to donate everyday equipment etc. The Support Group is a very active group whom we have come to rely on for resources needed to deliver the curriculum, subsidising camp and helping to maintain our behaviour management programme by funding the Cool Card box. 

The Little River Pumpkin Festival (usually held around Anzac Day) is our major fundraiser each year. It is a great day and a chance for the whole community to be involved.