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Little River, BIG IDEAS.
The Little River Issues Working Party is working with Christchurch City Council and others to create a 'masterplan' for Little River - and it needs your help and input.
The purpose of the masterplan is to plan and prioritise the things that matter most to people who live, work or play in our neighbourhood. Our school is very much part of making sure the right things happen in the right places and in the right order.

Through the Little River School Board, and at teachers' discretion, students may be invited to take part in this process and hopefully they will come home talking about it.
Your ideas are important too and we'd welcome any suggestions or feedback you might like to give through Mick O'Donnell, one of our school board members.

To get your thinking started, you might have strong feelings on how we use our public spaces - so here are some questions you might consider, just as an example of initiatives we could include in the mix:

*Should we have more local artworks and if so, what and where?
*Would our kids use a bmx track or skate park?
*Do we make the most of our domain, or what about the space behind the vet and garage?
*Are more footpaths needed in Little River?
*What should happen to our wrecked tennis courts?

Alternatively, you can take a second bite at the cherry by visiting the display stand at The Pumpkin Festival. We'll be taking a low-tech approach - a large map, and post-it notes, and of course people you can talk to.

Please take part. Without you it won't be much of a masterplan!

Little River big ideas map








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